Chubz: Game Changer of Smokable CBD.

Chubz CBD Hemp Cigars

Seriously tired of getting ripped at the dispensaries for some 1 gram pre-roll!! New 100% Hemp rolled Chubz are the game changer of smokeable CBD. This really does set the benchmark for smoking CBD pleasure, cured, hand rolled 100% hemp cigars that contain no less than 7 grams of top quality hemp flower.

Alright ladies and gentleman! It’s time we change the CBD smoking game for good! Are you tired of these little 1 gram pre-rolls? The ones that burn out and are uneven in 5 minutes?  You know? The ones you are paying $7 to $15 dollars or more for 1 gram of so so flower.

Then let TENNESSEE LEGACY introduce you to CHUBZ.
Chubz CBD Hemp Cigars

Now with a legal CBD market that has developed for a year and half, we are seeing developments in the traditional market of smoking cannabis to. Who would have thought you could change the way people have smoked for decades.

Buy A Chubz Hemp Cigar Now

Well you set the standard higher! Chubz is a Tennesse Legacy 100% hemp pre-rolled cigar like no other. Made from GMO-Free hemp, only the finest flowers are chosen for the cigar. Each Chubz is packed with 7-9 grams of pure CBD hemp flower and wrapped with a honey coated hemp wrap. There are no chemicals or glues used to seal the wrap, just natural distilled water!Chubz cigars are perfect for after work relaxation. Sit back and light up a fat one. Slowly enjoy the natural flavors of pure hemp and experience the effects of CBD. Each cigar contains no less than 19% CBD in each roll and you can be assured to benefit.

You might want to smoke a Chubz for relaxation, to destress after a long day at work or just to calm your anxiety. Chubz are the perfect solution for you, even if you just want to enjoy the taste of a good cigar.

Best Smokable CBD Product on the Market

All CHUBZ are hand rolled, dried and cured for 15 to 30 days, and then placed in our personal humidors for freshness. All CHUBZ contain at least 19% or higher CBD. We are the “Game Changer of Smokable CBD.”

So dont settle for anything less and give the new Tennessee Legacy Chubz a try.


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