Seedsman is giving away limited edition strains for Black Friday

Modern breeding techniques have allowed the emergence of thousands of different genetics which are flooding the market today. Breeders are motivated to create new varieties in two main ways: either as “artists” wishing to create works of art via unique and exciting genetics, or as commercial seedbanks trying to ensure that as many people as possible have access to cannabis seeds.

Unsurprisingly, it is the latter that enjoy the greatest visibility. And since their mission is to give their customers what they want, they tend to produce popular and trendy seeds. As a result, the wide range of seeds available in the cannabis market is often not as wide as one might think. A handful of genetics alone attract the vast majority of consumers. Gorilla, OG Kush, White Widow etc. are admittedly not devoid of qualities, but as we know, diversity is essential for the health of a species. From the consumers point of view, there are many other fascinating, but less visible, strains out there to be discovered – they are just not as easy to find.

Eager to combine “artistic” and “commercial” approaches, Seedsman is taking advantage of Black Friday to allow as many people as possible to discover certain unique varieties. Those purchasing Seedsman seeds between November 23 and 30 will be offered free limited edition seeds specially created for the occasion. Here is what you will have the chance to discover:

Wedding Cake

The mother plant is well known since it is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. It is the father of this Wedding Cake that makes it so special. Her father is a Nicole clone, an extremely potent indica strain born from the crossing of Blue Satellite, Shiskaberry, Blueberry and MK Ultra. The former pair give Nicole an extremely marked fruity aroma while the latter gives her the Kush character necessary for a powerful effect –  a harmonious blend that Nicole was able to transmit to his daughter. The Wedding Cake offered by Seedsman therefore offers a flavour that is both fruity and earthy together with a potent high generated by THC levels that can reach between 20 to 24%.

Cultivation of this plant is as satisfying as the effects it produces. This 75% indica hybrid is, in fact, both easy to grow and abundantly productive. Medium to tall in stature – reaching 80-120cm indoor and 150-250cm outdoor – this plant produces very resinous buds perfect for extractions. She produces an abundance of flowers: after 54 to 63 days in bloom, you can expect 500 to 600 g/m2 indoors and 900 g/plant outdoors.

RudeBoi OG

One day in southeast Atlanta, a breeder named RudeBoi created a strain he was so proud of that he gave it his name. Why such pride? Because the crossing of an Irene OG and a FaceOff OG allowed the creation of an extraordinary strain with 27% THC. A few years ago, the Seedsman breeders obtained an elite RudeBoi clone and crossed it with their elite Nicole clone described above. They obtained a genetic that combines quality, resistance, ease of cultivation and productivity.

Ideally, leave this highly indica-dominant hybrid in vegetative for long enough to compensate for its relatively low stretch. This will ensure an abundant harvest. The buds this plant can produce will be so big and compact that stakes are needed for the plant to survive. Under these conditions, even the largest leaves will become covered with trichomes. You can expect production levels of around 500-700g/m2 indoors or 1000g/plant outdoors. The taste is citrus and mint mixed with woody notes. With THC levels between 20 and 26% Rudeboi OG produces a typical indica high – potent, balanced and long-lasting. What more could you ask for from this ideal plant?

Alien Rock Candy feminized

The crossing of Sour Dubble x Tahoe Alien with the famous Nicole clone gave birth to the powerful indica-dominant hybrid Alien Rock Candy fem. This is a robust plant that, like most indicas, has a rather weak stretch, which can easily be compensated by maintaining it a little longer in flowering.

After 49 to 63 days, Alien Rock Candy is able to produce almost one gram per watt. Outdoor, each plant will produce around 800 grams of compact, bright green buds covered in a dense layer of trichomes. These flowers give off a fruity and citrus scent mixed with earthy notes.

Her high resin production mixed with THC levels of up to 20-24% makes her an ideal strain for extractions. The high generated by this genetics blends relaxation and euphoria in a soft, long-lasting blend.

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